Gluten-free and quality professionals

Pan Reale is a culinary workshop specialising in the manual preparation of high-quality gluten-free products, aimed in particular at coeliac sufferers and people sensitive to gluten and preservatives.

Pan Reale products are designed so as to not discriminate and to fully satisfy the needs of those affected by food intolerance, and in quality terms represent an alternative equal or superior to products containing gluten.

Pan Reale is an entirely female business, implemented by women who are first and foremost mothers of coeliac children. On the basis of their encounter with this experience, along with their highly specialised skills in the culinary, nutritional, pedagogical and commercial fields, a production company was founded, united by a great common passion.

This is a passion for gluten-free quality: the only value capable of offering an adequate response to the food needs of many people, to enjoy their relationship with food without affecting their health and without foregoing the pleasure of eating.

Everyone has a right to tasty food

The quality of life of those who are gluten-intolerant is heavily conditioned by their diet, to the point of limiting their social lives. The ‘gluten-free’ alternatives offered by supermarkets and restaurants are generally characterised by low quality, excessive dryness, high levels of sugar, colourings and preservatives.

Those who suffer from gluten intolerance don’t wish to appear different from others. For this reason, it’s important to give them the chance to eat the same dishes, without creating situations of annoyance or embarrassment.

Pan Reale products are designed to be tasty, fresh and fragrant, to the point that you cannot even tell they are gluten-free. They may be offered to all family members, and nobody will notice the difference.